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In this io game you will control a sphere in 3D space. As in agario you have to avoid being eaten by bigger spheres (or planets). To grow and win points you have to eat food that you find in your way. The 3D map is full of food but it's a little bit harder to eat it and grow.

The controls are so easy. Direct your sphere by using your mouse, and if you want to increase the sphere's speed all what you have yo do is to click the left button of the mouse.

The pace of the game is a not as fast as in agario, you will get more time to enjoy flying your sphere and eating easy food because you don't loose quickly in this game.


Graphics are simple and looks fine, you main character is represented by a textured translucent 3D sphere, the other players are represented by another textured opaque spheres. Zorbio also give you the possibility to use some custom skins like the earth or the sun skin.

Environment is a simple dark cube that gives you the impression that you are in space.

Food is represented by a 2D rectangle.


zorbio zorbio zorbio
300 x 600
300 x 250

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