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Description and Gameplay:

As in the other io games the goal of wormax is to feed your worm to become the biggest in the map.

The gameplay is very simple but so fun, all what you have to do is to control the direction of you worm using the mouse and eat as much as possible of food to grow in size. You can also destroy other worms by making them collide with the body of your worm and then eat them.

Another addition of this game are the power ups that you can find in the map:

  • Health: Will add 300 to the length of your worm.
  • Magnet: Increases the range of eating food by 100% for one minute.
  • Mass Conservation: Enables you to accelerate without losing length.
  • Telescope: Increases the vision range by 20% for one minute.
  • Toxic: Eating a toxic worm will makes you lose length instead of gaining it.


wormax wormax wormax
300 x 600
300 x 250

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