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Description and Gameplay:

This game is currently in Beta version. Click as fast as you can to get army powers and then choose strategic tiles to conquer.

The game pace is a little bit slow, you don't really loose so quickly and that's probably because of the big size of the map. You can play against 9 other players.


The graphics of are not really good, I think that the developers need to do more work to improve it. The UI is easy to use but also needs a lot of graphical work because currently it looks like if it's just a wireframe.

How to play

The gameplay is very simple, the general objective is to capture as many lands as possible and by doing so you will gain more military power. This miilitary power will give you the possiblity to upgrade your bases and to capture more lands.

User Interface: map
Figure 1: Bellum UI.
  • Zone 1: in the top left corner of the screen you can see the time left to the end of the match. Also you can see the leaderboard.
  • Zone 2: This panel contains the amount of military power that you ahve and also the amount that you are generating per 1 second.
  • Zone 3: This panel has so many tabs, alliances tab will show you the information about alliances and will give you the possiblity to ask other players for peace. Players tab will show you information about the players. The most important tab is the upgrades tab, from this tab you can create soldiers, squads, Tanks, base and airfield. Also you can use the button at the bottom of this panel to get more military power, the more you click this button the more money you get (military power is actually the name of money in this game).
  • Zone 4: this is a chat window, you can use it to talk to other players or to see the history of the your game session.

300 x 600
300 x 250

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