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Description and Gameplay:

This game is about strategy and quick descisions. You start with one land and you have to conquer the map, the more lands you conquer the more points you win. In addition to conquering and invading other lands you must protect yours from getting invaded by other player and to do so you can create towers in lands that belong to you.


As the majority of .io games Hexagor is a top down 2D game, the graphics are simple and clean. The map is represented by adjacent Hexagons that contains icons to show the land type (mountains, water, trees...).

How to play hexagor?

The difference between hexagor and other io games is that it's more harder to understand its gamplay, that's why we've created this tutorial so you can start playing hexagor without any problems.

Let's start by taking a look on the UI:

Hexagor map
Figure 1: Hexagor's UI.

As you can see in Figure 1, I divided the UI in 4 zones:

  • Zone 1: is the zone in the top left corner. The tower icon will tell you the number of haxagons you need to conquer before having the possibility of building a new tower. The sword icon will tell you the number of seconds you have to wait before using tower to attack. The pigeon icon will show a counter when you request peace from one of the other players, this counter will show the number of seconds remaining before considering the peace request as refused by your opponent.
  • Zone 2: is the zone in the top right corner. This zone shows your allies.
  • Zone 3: is the zone in the bottom right corner. This zone shows all the players in the current map.
  • Zone 4: is the zone in the bottom left corner. This zone shows your username, your score and the number of towers that you have, and the number of towers that you can build (in the Figure 1, you have zero towers and you can build one).

Let's now talk about tile types in hexagor:

Hexagor capital tile
Figure 2: Hexagor Capital.
Hexagor mountains tile
Figure 3: Mountains tile.
Hexagor tent tile
Figure 4: tent tile.
Hexagor tower tile
Figure 5: tower tile.
Hexagor trees tile
Figure 6: trees tile.
Hexagor water tile
Figure 7: water tile.
  • Figure 2: this tile represents your capital, or the capital of your ennemies. If your capital is invaded by your ennemies you will loose your hexagor game. If you invade the capital of your ennemies you will take over all of they lands.
  • Figure 3: this is a mountains tile. it's more slower to take over a tile with mountains, also you can't build a tower in this tile. What is good about mountains tiles is that they also block tower attacks.
  • Figure 4: tent tile. If you take over this tile you will also get control of its adjacent lands as bonus.
  • Figure 5: You can build a tower tile in on of your controled lands. You can use a tower to defend your land and to attack your ennemies lands. I will talk more about tower tiles later in this article.
  • Figure 6: the trees tiles are little bit slower to take over them (not as slow as the mountains tiles). You have to chop the trees if you want to build a tower on this tile.
  • Figure 7: you can't take over a water tile. It acts as an obstacle, it also blocks tower attacks.

Towers in hexagor:

Towers in hexagor are very important. You can use them to invade other lands or to defend your own lands.

How to build a tower in hexagor?

  • Your first step is to take over a land. If a land has trees on it you first have to chop them. Remember that you can't build towers on mountains lands.
  • There is a limited number of towers that you can build on your territory. You can build 1 tower for every 16 occupied lands. To make sure that you are fulfilling this requirement take a look on the numbers near the tower icon in the bottom left UI (see zone 4 in figure 1). if you have for example a number like this: 3/8, it means that you already have 3 towers and that you can build maximum 8 towers so you still can build 5 other towers

Once a tower is built it will block your ennenimies towers attacks from going any further. Don't forget that a tower can be destroyed by your ennemies.

How to attack with a tower in Hexagon?

To attack with a tower, simply click on it then choose a direction to invade. You can use a tower attack to take over 4 lands simultaneously.

Please note that you have to wait for the counter on the top left of the screen (zone 1 in figure 1) to finish before using a tower to attack again.


All what you need is your mouse.


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