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It's the appocalype, as a human you have to survive and avoid getting in contact with zombies. If you get infected you will play as a zombie and instead of hiding you start to chase humans.

The gameplay of is based on collaboration with your teammates. When you are playing as a human you have to hide in a room a block the entrance with the help of other players in order to prevent zombies from entering the room and infecting you. As a zombie you have to collaborate with your teammates to break into the rooms where humans are hiding.

The game engine is using physics to allow players to move objects and use them to block or open room entrances.

Four maps are available to choose from.


The gameplay of braains is so fun but graphics need a lot of work. It's easy to recognise the different objects in the map, but the art style need a lot of improvement and creativity.

The graphics style of the four maps of this game look almost the same.

300 x 600
300 x 250

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