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Agario is the most popular io game. Lot of players started to search for other io games just because they liked this game. I'm persoannly started to play io games because I liked agario.

In Agario you start as a small cell, you then have to eat other small dead cells or more importantly smaller players. Your mass will get bigger by eating more cells but you will also get slower (which seems logic). In Agario the bigger eat the smaller, so you should avoid getting swallowed by bigger cells.

You can eat other smaller cells by running over them. When you get bigger you will also get slower, you can speed up your cells by splitting them into two smaller cells (if you have 4 cells they will become 8 cells), you can also eject some mass, by doing so you will move more faster but you will get less bigger, you have to be careful about when to use this ability.

Agario io has 4 games modes: FFA, Experimental, Party and teams modes:

  • FFA: in this mode every player fight for himself. You play against all the other players to reach the top of the leader-board.
  • Experimental: if you want to test new features and game mechanics before they make it into the game you can try this mode.
  • Party: if you only want to play with your friends, party mode is your choice.
  • Teams mode: in this mode you collaborate with other players to defeat the other teams.


Agario is a top down 2D game. The arena is represented by a 2D grid. The graphics are so clean and simple. Your character is a cell represented by a coloured disk.


Agario is so smooth, hitching and lags are so rare even when the arena is full of players.


  • Mouse: use your mouse pointer to control direction
  • Space: split your sell into two.
  • W: Eject mass.


Agario agario agario
300 x 600
300 x 250

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